I decided after previewing both Unity and C++, and Salesforce, that I want to pursue a career as a Salesforce Administrator. Salesforce Administrators automates complex business processes, creates reports and dashboards, and trains users on salesforce. …

I connected with William Reiner de Jong on LinkedIn. I was referred the link to finding jobs as an upcoming Unity Developer. Here is the information that I learned from his research:

Top 10 companies

  1. Jobot
  2. Unity Technologies
  3. Riot Games
  4. Facebook
  5. App Lovin
  6. Electronic Arts
  7. Activision
  8. Cyber Coders
  9. Soopely
  10. Apple

Job Breakdown

  1. Artist 21%
  2. Audio 1%
  3. Other 4%
  4. AR/VR 5%
  5. AI 2%
  6. UI/UX 4%
  7. Developer 63%

Is a Career as a Unity Developer or as a Salesforce Developer better?

According to Study.com’s article dated May 31, 2020 titled, “Unity Developer: Salary & Job Description”, The educational requirements to be a Unity Developer includes a Bachelor’s degree and or an Associates Degree with work experience, to be…

Salesforce is a CRM a.k.a. customer relationship management cloud-based software company. There are many applictions that foucs on customer service, marketing, automation, analytics, and application development. According to Wikipedia, Salesforce is at number 6 in Fortune magazine as “100 Best Companies to Work For.” …

I’m on a new trail on my new trailblazer account with Salesforce. I earned my first badge and am a “hiker”. Salesforce looks like a lot of fun. I can not wait to earn multiple badges and certifications.

Another thing that is required for the Salesforce prep training is a Google Earth Presentation on earth.google.com. I need to give a presentation that shows all the places I have lived in my life and pin them on Google Earth for the presentation. It has been relatively easy to do. I just go to Launch and then enter the city I lived and save to the presentation. When I have all my places saved, I can press the “Present” button for the presentation. It is really “nifty!”

It starts with a shape such as a cube…

My progress in game development has been slow and steady. I started out with no knowledge of computer programming to learning C++ and Unity fundamentals. I would still consider myself a beginner. I am still trying to grasp understanding from all…

Today, I studied more C#. I am learning about Classes. Before I demonstrate coding for Classes, I would like to backtrack a bit to reiterate what “Scripting” is and how to perform it. According to Technopedia.com, “Scripts are lists of commands executed by certain programs or scripting engines. They are…

“It’s the Journey, not the Destination!”

Today was Saturday, and I was present for learning after a two day Thanksgiving break. I realized that I need support while working in Unity. “In a multitude of counselors, is safety”, according to a well known Proverb. I sought help in the ask-a-question…

Today was not as productive in Unity as I would have liked so I read some

more C++.

I am learning about Classes right now. There was a good example of creating

items in a class. One class holds the items as a monobehavior and the other

class defines the…

Suzanne Shedletsky

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!

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