Resolving Blockers in Unity

Today, I had an issue with Visual Studio again. I went the lone route and downloaded Visual Studio from the website. Although I got the Visual Studio, there were no monobehaviors on it. So, I scratched that idea. I was in the general lounge on Slack, and a co-intern had a similar issue with Visual Studio. I found that all that is needed to access Visual Studio, is to go to:

Assets Tab, Open C# project, and Walla!- Visual Studio appears!! (Short and Sweet! Nothing too complicated!)

This morning I went to my 2D tutorial on Gamedev. I may be moving at a snails pace, but I am learning thoroughly. I had an issue with no “prefab” in the inspector to find overrides. I fumbled around for quite sometime. I looked up overrides in the API Unity script, read a little, but no answer came. I back tracked to the tutorial, and realized I had to drag the Laser in the hierarchy to the Prefab folder in Assets. Walla! My inspector had a prefab button. I clicked on it, and found the overrides! These are minor issues, but when I spend hours to find a solution, it feels great to finally get it! Here is what my screen looks like in Unity now as I am creating Shooters:

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!