Today was not as productive in Unity as I would have liked so I read some

more C++.

I am learning about Classes right now. There was a good example of creating

items in a class. One class holds the items as a monobehavior and the other

class defines the items. Some of the items in the example were sword,

hammer and other weapons. A constructor is then developed which is a

string of items that is then passed through to the inspector. One of the

challenges was to create two databases of customers- one class to hold the

customer list and another class to define each customer. The class that holds

the customer list is called Database Customers and the customer list that

defines the customers are defined by:

Customer Last Name:

Customer First Name:




I never would expect to create a database in Unity. I thought that would be

something only for Microsoft Word or Excel. The wonders of Unity and C++

surprise me everyday.

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!