“It’s the Journey, not the Destination!”

Today was Saturday, and I was present for learning after a two day Thanksgiving break. I realized that I need support while working in Unity. “In a multitude of counselors, is safety”, according to a well known Proverb. I sought help in the ask-a-question lounge and a couple of my peers came to the rescue. They asked me to display my Unity page. I came across two different ways to display my Unity page to somebody. I went to www.hastebin.com. First, I had to Select all, Copy, and Paste onto Hastebin, and then I had to copy and paste the url unto the new displaying page. I copied my code from Visual Studio onto messenger in Slack, so I could display my code to my peers. Another way to display my Unity page is to press”F” and “N”, and “Print Screen”. This will copy my screen and print onto the displaying page.

While working in Unity today, I came across several error messages in my console. I always feel a setback when I get those messages. I went to Google.com, but that didn’t seem to work for me today. One peer on slack, mentioned to be aware of the numbers in the error message. If the message has two numbers — one number is the line of the script, and the other number is the number of characters in the script. By looking at the two numbers in the error message, I can easily locate the error. Everyday, I learn new tips and hacks. I may not get to the destination, but I certainly learn alot in the journey!

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!