It starts with a shape such as a cube…

My progress in game development has been slow and steady. I started out with no knowledge of computer programming to learning C++ and Unity fundamentals. I would still consider myself a beginner. I am still trying to grasp understanding from all of Game development’s tutorials. I learned basic concepts and now want to put them all together to develop a game object that does something-whether it shoots a laser or destroys and enemy. I am actually getting it, and I see, how all the seperate parts of learning are put together, to create the game objects. I started this journey of game development with basically opening every file and website imaginable. everything from Slack, Trello, Visual Studio, Hastebin, Google, and Unity API. Once I had this plethera of open websites, I was going to take game development head on. Then I experienced my first blocker-error messages in the console. I managed to eradicate them. Then I experienced my second blocker-not being able to shoot my laser straight up. I talked to my peers in slack and they guided me. Now, I have a new set of error messages.

In all of this, I am seeing how all the parts of coding are placed together to create a game object. “It begins with the object such as a cube”, then I create a script with behavior to drag and drop onto my object. The script tells the object how to behave. I can then see the description of the object in the Inspector. And, when I press Run- the final game object appears and comes to life in the game scene!

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!