Is a Career as a Unity Developer or as a Salesforce Developer better?

According to’s article dated May 31, 2020 titled, “Unity Developer: Salary & Job Description”, The educational requirements to be a Unity Developer includes a Bachelor’s degree and or an Associates Degree with work experience, to be accepted by employers. The job skills required are analytical skills, programming skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills, attention to detail, being self motivated, computer skills, and communication skills. The median salary is $82,879/year. The job outlook for (2018–2028) is up 21% for software developers. Unity developers should ensure they can demonstrate their ability to work with different operating systems, and familiarity with different types of gaming platforms will be an asset to those who are focused on a career working in game design and development.

According to Glassdoor, “Salesforce developers made a median salary of $73k/yr. with a low of $56k/yr. and a high of 105k/yr. The average additional compensation is $7,509/yr. The general duties of a Salesforce developer include testing and implementing software, which can include coding, configuration, maintenance, installation, and testing. Salesforce developers will need to work with different teams in a company to determine reviews and how to best solve different problems that may arise. The Saleforce Developer needs to ensure the security of users; provide business teams with detailed technical plans and strategies for potential issues; create and execute workshops that educate the company on the current system. Job growth for Salesforce Developers is up 24% through 2026. In conclusion, both Unity Developers and Salesforce developers have a very similar job outlook and salary.

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