I decided after previewing both Unity and C++, and Salesforce, that I want to pursue a career as a Salesforce Administrator. Salesforce Administrators automates complex business processes, creates reports and dashboards, and trains users on salesforce. The Salesforce Administrator helps the team and keeps an eye on their successes and customer relationships.

I have started learning Salesforce by logging into Trailhead. I read the modules and walk through the trails on the internet. Trails are basically guided learning paths. After a trail is completed, I can earn points and badges. My first badge was a Hiker. I almost feel like a Girl scout again. This learning platform is so exciting!

According to www. trailhead.salesforce.com, Trailhead consists of trails that guide, “learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. Consider them your personal game plan to exploring new skills.” Some of the trails that a Salesforce Administrator must have are Google, AppBuilding, Artificial Intelligence, Management, Reports and Dashboards, Presenting, Leadership, Salesforce Lightening, equality, Apple, GitHub, Application Lifecycle Management, and more.

Once you get through numerous trails and earn badges, you may eventually earn a Superbadge. “Superbadges let you take the skills you’ve learned and apply them to complex, real-world business problems. Trailhead offers not only Super Badges, but Super Sets, Exam Preparation, and Certification. Super Sets is where you can apply your skills to real world scenarios.

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!