Spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to write script in Unity. I downloaded visual studio from Microsoft. Then I learned how to get visual studio directly from Unity. The four steps are Edit, Prefrences, External Tools, Visual Studio. Something went eerily wrong. I wound up with 21 compiler errors that prevented me from running the program. I spent time getting rid of compiler errors down to only 10. All these compiler errors are a “blocker”. I overheard from a team mate not to spend more than fifteen minutes on any one, blocker. I havent thrown up my hands yet. I am a determined person. The few places I learned to get some answers are through www.google.com; answers.unity.com, and just asking team members if they know the answer.

I am feeling very frustrated with all these compiler messages. But, instead of throwing in the towel, I am praying for patience in dealing with all these compiler messages. I know in this journey I will come against blockers and get really frustrated. I do not want the frustration to turn into negativity. I somehow how to find the positivity in the situation. For me, I think it is having the patience that I will eventually get the answers or they will come to me magically, mysteriously, or otherwise unknown.

This is what my screen in Unity looked like today. Tommorrow is a new day where I will begin again. Each day brings it’s own set of problems, and I just have to let it go! I am powerless to change what I am not in control of. I pray for courage to change what I can.

I have always been timid of technology but now I am tackling it head on!